Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Back and Forth

When I took my bathroom rugs to the laundry place, I saw the gardeners planting begonias around the complex and I was thrilled. I know they're hardy--the begonias and, I hope, the gardeners, too--but it's January--wowee!
After my morning labors, I thought I'd go over to the Senior Center for their three-dollar lunch (five if you're under 70). It's about fifteen miles away and I was chagrined to find it was sold out when I got there. Oh, well, it was a beautiful day and a nice ride. I dropped my audio book off at the library and starting listening to a personal and political bio of Henry Kissinger. Strikes me he's right up there at the head of all the other war criminals. Of course, he's still polluting the world--figuratively, if not literally--at the age of 93.
Got home and made myself an old-fashioned, calorie-laden lunch: grilled cheese and tomato on white bread, tomato soup, and a glass of milk. I almost never drink milk, although I like it; just happened to have bought some the other day. My mother used to serve us lunch with just those components. It was so darn good, but once in a year or so is enough for me.
Cleaned both the bathroom and the kitchen floors, first with the dry Swiffer, then the wet. and tidied up the rest of both rooms. Moved around some of the things in my closet and discovered I have two long empty shelves. Happy day--think I'll use them to store bath towels.
Went on-line to change my address on the Social Security site. Incredibly, I hit roadblocks--I won't even bother to describe them--so I called. Got a recording to which I "spoke" for about ten minutes. When I finally made clear what I wanted, I was told the wait time was one hour! I thought it must be a mistake and hung on for fifteen minutes, but the hell with that stuff. I jumped up, got in the car, and drove the half-mile or so to the Ventura S.S. office. You take a number when you come in and I had to wait only about ten minutes. Got a pleasant young man who changed my address, then set me up with a new S.S. account on-line. Okey-dokey.
Got home and made a big salad; had some at 4:30, just because it looked good. One advantage of living alone is you can just decide to have dinner in the afternoon or at midnight or not at all.
Impulsively went on-line to Ventura motor vehicle. I tried making an appointment and was surprised to be assigned one at 8:20 this morning, so I'll finally, I hope, get my California license in about an hour from now.

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