Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Chores and The Omen

I had deferred a lot of everyday shopping and chores and that's mainly what I did yesterday. Bought an inside broom--I don't want to use the same for in and out--and flannel pajamas. Ha, I had donated or discarded the three pair of flannels I had in Jersey, never realizing I'd be more comfortable sleeping with them. Those I bought are too big, though, so I have to exchange them.
Stopped at Primary Medical and called the pulmonary office, but this damn stuff isn't resolved yet. I wrote out a chronicle of it, but won't add it here--too boring.
Cooked myself up a delicious pork loin, along with roasted potatoes; had that an applesauce for dinner--so good.
El called to tell me Rory had pneumonia, but is much improved. She may go home today or, possibly, tomorrow. That's good news; I asked her to ask Greg to give her my regards.
Still reading the bio of Gregory Peck, which is really absorbing. That prompted me to look on YouTube to see what I could find of his movies. There are lots of them and I hit on The Omen. Watched about half of it, but it scared the hell out of me, so I may skip the rest.

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