Saturday, January 30, 2016

Seminar, a New Friend, and Hell

Interesting day. I attended a Ventura Council on Aging seminar, which featured various disaster people advising on what to do in emergencies--such as floods from El Nino, crime, and car accidents. An doctor from a hospital emergency room spoke, as well as reps from the fire and police departments, and so on. It was mildly interesting and I got a lot of free pens, but the real draw was when I saw a free barbecue lunch would be provided by Kiwanis after. That was mediocre, but what was worth the day was meeting a new friend, Diana N.
Diana is a psychologist and had her own practice until last month, when she semi-retired; she now works sporadically for the courts. She's probably at least ten--maybe more--years younger than I am and lives not far from Ellen in east Ventura. She suffers from an eye problem, having lost vision in one eye; the other is in jeopardy, but she still can drive. I happened to sit next to her, we introduced ourselves, and hit it off immediately. We ate together, then sat and talked for more than an hour. Originally from upstate New York, she's been divorced for 17 years and has two daughters who live in San Jose and Las Vegas, one married, no grandchildren. We exchanged contact information and agreed that I'd call/e-mail her after my procedure on Tuesday.
On a whim, I looked up my play Hell On Wheels, and submitted that also to the outfit collecting them. I modified it slightly--when we staged it in the library, I had written in a part for Aline, making her a kind of receptionist for the devil. But these plays can have no more than five characters, and she made six, so out that part went.
Can't believe I just got up at almost 8:00. I've been feeling good lately, though, so guess I guess I just reverted to slug-a-bed mode.

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