Monday, January 25, 2016

Quite a Bit

I got quite a bit done I had been putting off because I didn't feel like doing it. Spent time gathering and categorizing income tax material; I want to look for an accountant soon. Measured my closet door opening and started looking on-line for a covering for it. I liked Nancy's shoji (Japanese) screen, but I don't think I want something I have to move that way. Maybe I'll go with a rod and curtain--we'll see.
Went to Target and got a Swiffer and to WinCo for the wet things you use in it. I want to wash the bathroom rugs and clean the rest of the bathroom today.
Betty and I texted back and forth and that's okay, but I sometimes think, "What if people could only text for years, then suddenly, somebody invented the voice telephone? Wouldn't everybody think it was marvelous that you didn't have to laboriously type words in, but could just talk back and forth, like a real conversation?"
The fact is, though, that Betty didn't have to type it in; she was practicing voice to text, the same convenience all my kids have. Yes, yes, eventually, I'll get a smart phone, but I'm not interested in doing it yet. Funnily, the first message she sent had my last name as "Malloy," instead of the correct "Molloy." She insisted it wasn't misspelled on her end, but surely it wouldn't be different. Oh, well...
I was incensed to get a reply from Cindy, the proprietor of the antique Melange. I had stopped to ask if I could send her a picture of my antique table and see if she could estimate its worth. She said about $300! Damn, I can't believe it--I think it's worth at least three thou. My Aunt Clare's mother brought it over from Ireland 120 years ago and it has a gate leg and carvings. Of course, something is worth only what somebody will pay you for it, I guess. Well, I'll mull over whether to keep it or what.
Called Ellen to see how she was feeling. She and Greg were just coming from dinner at The Curry Leaf in Camarillo and we chatted for a bit. The cold is hanging on, but she's okay.

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