Saturday, January 16, 2016


I HATE malls and almost never frequent them, but I saw an ad for a nice-looking sofa at Penney's--on sale, of course--and went over to Pacific View Mall early.
When I got there, I was informed they don't carry furniture in Ventura. The nearest Penney's that does is in Upper Japip or somewhere, I guess. Went to Macy's to look at comforter sets. Everything I saw was either brown or shades thereof--my least favorite color--or so garish they would give me nightmares.
What I did find, however, was something I've been looking for for years: a light--in weight--wallet. I often just take my wallet into a store without my big purse and the one I have contributes to the weight of the purse. What I bought (on sale, too, plus couponed) is one of the few cloth ones I've found and very light. True, the fabric is hideous--hot pink with gold circles superinposed--but it was the only one they had and if it lightens my burden, that's okay. Later, I took the old wallet out and put it with the new on the kitchen table so I could exchange the contents.
As I was leaving Penney's, I noticed their hair salon and impulsively made an appointment for color for Monday. Think I'll get my nails done then, too, then I'll be all pretty and perky for the Widders' dinner.
When I got home, I continued bookcase arranging and moved around a few other things. After. I drove to the faraway Ralph's for bread. Got there, went in, and found I had forgotten to switch the contents of my wallet and had left both on the table, so had no money, no credit cards, and no license. I immediately drove home, positive I'd be involved in some kind of horrible accident and, if I survived, would be dropped in the slammer for the rest of my--.
Over-dramatic Mimi? Guilty, yer honor!
Got the wallet, went to Vons and got my stuff, and all was okay.

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