Friday, January 29, 2016


I've again been confirmed in my belief that if you try for things, even if it's clearly stated or written that you can't have them, you often can. As I've mentioned before, I figure my efforts work about eighty percent of the time. Yesterday, getting around to yet more financial stuff, I called NJR Services to arrange a service contract for the furnace, water heater, and air conditioner at my house. I found it costs $293 annually, but $263 for senior citizens. Okay, I appreciated the discount--
-- except that when I called to get it, I was told they didn't extend it to the owner if he/she didn't live in the house. I argued that my tenant is also over 65, but they didn't care. So when I signed up, they asked for comments and I told them I was annoyed I couldn't get the senior discount--what I actually wrote was that that policy stinks. Well, darned if a rep didn't call me ten minutes later to say his supervisor said to extend the discount to me. I guess it's kind of a game for me and it also results in saving some dough.
Also called Southern Cal Gas to ask about an outrageous bill of $87; good grief, it hasn't been that cold! In this case, though, I knew in my heart I wouldn't get no satisfaction, and I didn't. They gave me all kinds of gobbledygook to justify and the hell with it, I'll just pay it.
Stopped at Kohl's to check out bedding sets they'll have on sale today. It took forever to find somebody to show me which ones they were and when I saw them--horrible yellow, grey, and black that look as if Godzilla threw up on them--I went elsewhere. Got a subtle, kind of lavender spread, plus bedskirt and shams. These were inexpensive--good, I didn't want to spend too much, as I'm mulling over the possibility of a single bed to give me more space in the bedroom. Right now, I have a double.
My other business call was to the water works in Little Egg. They still send me the bill, then I send it to Eileen, but they had my old Ventura address. They wouldn't take the new address over the phone--had to send them a letter, but that's no problem and a real live person actually answered the phone.
Got a nice e-mail from niece Carolyn, just to say hello. Once I get this damned colonoscopy over with, I'll give her a call and we'll meet up.
Came across a five-minute play submission form for some outfit somewhere and submitted my comedy, If Guys Were Gals. We did this at the Tuckerton Seaport Festival, with Frank-Next-Door and Dave Somers as he two characters. I'm not sure if I have any others that short, but I'll look and see and maybe submit them, too.
Got a call from Nancy, who just saw her retina specialist; besides the hemoglobin thing, she has a problem with one eye. I had invited her to the Beach Cities Neighbors and Newcomers breakfast next Wednesday, but she has a doctor's appointment then. We had a long, friendly talk.

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