Thursday, December 31, 2015


Yes--another enjoyable day. El and I got to Montecito a little late, due to both of us mixing time up a bit, but we got there. We found the house Mike rented and yo mama, what a place! You have to press buttons on a pad, then Mike has to use a remote to open the gate. The house itself is just quintessentially California; build in the thirties, Mike thinks, of massive beige stone with dark, seasoned wood--looks like mahogany inside and maybe oak out. There's a high entrance hall,large living room and dining room, huge kitchen, and other amenities. It's furnished in beautiful, comfortable, and obviously expensive furniture, its size fitting the big house. Outside is a kind of stone structure of several levels that includes a putting green, hot tub, fireplace, and so on. Next to the big house is a smaller--but still large--guest house in the same style. Big trees and beautiful foliage grace the whole complex and the place is just a few yards from the beach.
When we got there, the rest of the crew were down there. That consisted of Betty, her daughter, Carolyn and her Finn and Claire, plus son Stephen, DIL Robyn and Dexter, and, of course, Vivian and Violet. El went down to meet them and when they got back, Paula served a wonderful late lunch of quesadillas (beef and cheese), pasta salad, avocado dip, all kinds of fancy cheeses, plus sides, in addition to wonderful pastry desserts, soda, wine, iced tea, and so on. Unfortunately, the L.A. contingent (Steve, Robyn, and Dex) had to leave, as Steve had a writing assignment that had to get done.
Mike and Paula's college friend, Sarah, came in and we were all glad to see her. The kids jumped in the hot tub and scampered up and down here and there while the adults laughed and talked around the table. In the middle of all the hubbub, the Tokyo Tyke Skyped us with this Daddy and we all were able to see and hear them on Mike's phone.
Carolyn left, taking her own two, plus V. and V. with her. There wasn't room for Betty in the car, so later, my friend and her man took her home. El and I sat talking with the three until about 7:00, then Mike went to pick up the girls.
However--many of us will be back tomorrow, as we're all invited there for a New Year's Eve party. Can't wait, and Greg will come, too, so that will be even better.


Michael Molloy said...

there was no "soda" we hate soda , never drink it and never serve it. Just sayin'

Mimi said...

I just started drinking it in the evening, instead of wine. I never liked it, either, even as a kid, but am trying to acquire a taste.