Wednesday, December 02, 2015


I moved all the linens and stuff out of the hope chest and put about half in the covered bench my Uncle Frank made years ago. The rest I packed into bags and put in the car to donate. Emptied the drawers in the bureau and put my clothes in two suitcases. Removed the other items from the closet in preparation for Matt to 1. carry the hope chest to Carolyn's car and 2. take the bureau a few feet into the bedroom proper. I'll then be able to move the ugly shelf-thing into the closet.
Had my physical therapy appointment in the afternoon. I liked "Lisa" right away; she's a native New Yorker (well, that isn't necessarily an asset) and very exuberant, open, friendly, and encouraging. As I told her, my knee, remarkably enough, no longer bothers me at all, but I do still have the balance problem. I've also developed a back ache, but it's fairly minor. Anyway, for balance and to strengthen the knees and, in particular, the muscles that lead to, and operate them, she had me do some exercises. I'm to do them three times a day and yes, indeed, I intend to. She also gave me some breathing exercises and suggested an insert for my right shoe. I made another appointment for Saturday, as she wants to see me twice a week.
Tomorrow at 7 am, I go for blood work.

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