Tuesday, December 01, 2015


The usual. Also, finally got to the thrift store with my car full of donations; I went to the Goodwill in town just for the drive. Went to WinCo for various. I ran into a guy who lives here and asked if he's get the hope chest to Carolyn's car tomorrow. Said he would; of course, I'll pay him. The maintenance guys came and reversed the doors on the refrigerator PLUS removed the closet door. Boy, it makes the bedroom seem a lot bigger. And once El takes the bureau, I can put the ugly shelf-thing in the closet and have more room for other stuff--yay! I had complained at the office that the kitchen faucet would go only to spray, but I was shown that you just have to press the indentations on the top to change it. Must remember that.
My appointment with the PT is his afternoon. Annoyingly, I woke up with a backache, too. Hope that's temporary.

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