Sunday, December 06, 2015

Still Tidying Up

Back in the land of the living, I spent several hours arranging things in my minuscule closet. The addition of Ugly Shelf Thing opened a lot of possibilities and I took advantage. Removed lots of useless items to which I've clung for years and bagged them up for the thrift store, then lined my shoes up on the bottom levels. Packed away my summer clothes in one of my two suitcases that, conveniently, fits inside the bigger one. With a little more shifting around, I now have a fair amount of extra room--well, a few feet, but in this place, that's huge--and I'll be able to add a few things. I intend to get an old-fashioned--or new fashioned, I don't care--coat rack, as this is the only closet and I want a designated place for jacket and purse.
Went to my p.t. appointment, but not exactly for p.t. Diana and I sat at the computer and researched a particular condition. After, I went to Target, which was mobbed, of course, but I got oranges and stuff. Couldn't resist a holiday door mat and switched it with the beachy one; also switched my wreaths to match. Looks very festive.
I was pleased to get a call from my niece, Joan R., and we had a good talk. Haven't seen her since her son, Jeremy's wedding last year, and I hope she and her Jim can make it out here sometime. Today, I want to continue my tidying up, then I'm Looking forward to a mother/daughter excursion: El and I have pedicures scheduled for this afternoon.
Wonder of wonders: When I got up just now, I realized that for the last two nights, aside from getting up once for the usual, I've slept through. How good that feels!

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