Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Varied and Interesting

Pretty varied day. On the stroke of 9:00, I took my eviction notice (well, I'm exaggerating) to the office, along with paperwork from the hospital citing my transfusions. I told Chastity (love it) I had meant to ask when rent was due (first of the month), forgot, and overlooked the bill. I asked if I could pay the rent automatically from my bank account and separately from water and sewer charges She immediately agreed to that and also rescinded the hundred dollar late fee. As I was leaving, she said, "I'm sorry if this frightened you." I said, "It didn't frighten me; nothing frightens me but my blood count."
Went to the bank to ask when it should be scheduled to be sure it gets here on the first and straightened that out.
Got an e-mail from my tenant, Eileen, to the effect that the dryer won't go on. I called her, then called Anchor Appliances in West Creek, with whom I've dealt for years. They'll send somebody out, then let me know what's going on. Since the dryer came with the house thirteen years ago, I guess it doesn't owe me anything and if I have to replace it, I will.
I found some old HSHS "Spotlight" papers, one with a picture of my brother, Frank, and the basketball team, and another with a gossip column type profile of my late brother-in-law, Mike, calling him dreamy and so on. Decided to send the first mentioned to Frank and the other to Mike's widow, Lois. I didn't have any large envelopes, so went to Wal-Mart and was annoyed that they had none of the standard manila ones--8 by 10 or so. Checked at Kohl's, but they don't carry such things and I didn't really feel energetic enough to go to Target, so I'll go today.
I didn't have Lois' address, but remembered she moved to a senior living facility in Newtown ten or so years ago, because she has epilepsy. Didn't know which one, so I called other SIL, Regina, and we had a good long talk. It's funny: Regina and I really don't have an enormous amount in common, except that we married brothers. She's old time Catholic, politically conservative, and quite a bit older than I am--graduated HSHS in 1944, with my brother, Jim, so is pushing ninety--yet in recent years, we've become friendly. She was able to tell me where Lois lives--Pickering Manor, in Newtown, PA. I looked at the web site and wasn't surprised to see Lois herself featured in several pictures. After all, she's slender, looks younger than she is (and actually is considerably younger than her fellow residents or was when she moved there), and has a pretty face.
Regina asked if I had bought the outrageously overpriced "Holy Spirit Alumni Directory 2015." Naturally, since I hold the title of Sucker of the Year, I did. She asked me to look up her class and so on, which I did. Told her I'd copy relevant pages and send them to her. Incidentally, Regina graduated from Star (most who read this know what that means) and was the school nurse at Holy Spirit for two or three years in--hmm, can't quite remember when, but maybe in the sixties. Anyway, we had a warm and friendly chat and I'm glad I called.
Later, I decided to cook the pork roast I had bought the other day; did so and had some with salad for lunch. Yum, was it good. After that, I drove into town to the library, picked up a few newbies and drove home up on Poli Street, drinking in the silvery Pacific filling the horizon.
Got in to find a message to the effect that "Dr. Laurey of Primary Medical would like to see me to follow up on my emergency room visit." What? Who the hell is Dr. Laurey and aren't they aware I already have an appointment at 11:30 today with Dr. Jennings? Guess not and when I called back at three minutes after five, of course I got a message they close at 5:00. Okay, I'll call in a few minutes.
Later note: I did call and nobody seemed to know a "Dr. Laury." He or she is not with Primary Medical; I did confirm my 11:30 appointment with Dr. Jennings, so at least they have that. Called Community Memorial's ER and asked if they had a Dr. Laury. Nope, so I guess this will just remain a mystery.

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