Thursday, December 03, 2015

Happy Day

Hip hooray and happy day! Carolyn came about 10:00 to get the hope chest. I called Matt, the guy I asked to move it out, but he didn't answer the phone and I wasn't sure if he had forgotten, changed his mind, or what. Went outside to see if I could find one of the maintenance people. I did and he agreed to help. (It turned out Matt had been on the phone when I called; he showed up about a half hour later, but the deed was already done.)
Incredibly, the maintenance guy lifted the hope chest and carried it, single-handed, to Carolyn's van. After that, he moved my bureau from the closet to the wall where the hope chest had been (I had removed the marble top and the drawers). It fits fine, as it's a good foot shorter than the chest. I was then able to take everything off Ugly Chest Thing, put it in the closet, and refill it.
At first, maintenance guy (I'm ashamed I don't know his name) refused to take the twenty, but I begged him to. He gets paid for Colony Parc for his regular job, but there's no reason why he should do personal jobs for tenants free of charge. He finally took it--let's hope he doesn't mention it to management--and I'm glad.
Of course, I didn't intend to keep the bureau, either; Ellen called to say she and Greg would come get it after dinner. They did and luckily, it proved to be not too heavy with the drawers and marble top removed and loaded separately. I'm happy that Ellen will use here great-grandmother's bureau and, for that matter, that Carolyn will use her great-great-aunt's hope chest.
Before Ellen and Greg left, El moved a small table next to the computer table and put the copier on it. Now I can put my legs under and am much more comfortable.
I moved my clothes (mostly underwear, tee-shirts, and odds and ends--the rest are on hangers) into two suitcases and will just dress from there, no prob. Soon, I'll look around for a narrower and higher chest that will fit better in the room.
Whew, I'm happy so much got accomplished!

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