Saturday, December 05, 2015


I got my blood work done this morning at Quest, the same outfit I used to go to in Jersey. That one was always a drag for me. I can barely function in the morning without my coffee and, of course, you can't have that before a blood test. The place opened at 7:00 and I would usually get there about 6:30, shivering out in the cold along with others. We'd all rush in when the doors opened and sign up in order. Usually, I was the fourth or fifth patient, so was there for a time.
The Quest in Ventura,though, is very pleasantly different; it actually allows appointments. I had made one a few weeks for 7:00, got there about ten of, and found five people already waiting. The receptionist said there was about an hour wait, but I told here I had an appointment. Glory be, I was finished and in my car going home at 7:15--yazzah!
The rest of the day wasn't so great. Took my clothes to the laundry annex to wash, did two loads (because I insist on using bleach for some), went back to put them in the dryer, returned when they should have been dried and they were still wet. Put in more coins, came back in 45, and they were still not dried. Complained to the office and at the third try, finally got my clothes dried.
Betty, back from Chicago, called and regaled me with all kinds of stories about this and that.
I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon, which I made because I'm experiencing a certain problem about which I'm really worried. Don't want to explain further at this point.

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