Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Tests Ordered

Called the doctor's office when they opened at eight to ask what that "see Dr. Laurie" was all about. Nobody knew anything about it, so I can only assume I misunderstood "Dr. Jennings" for "Dr. Laurie." Kept my appointment at 11:30 with Dr. J. and, as I expected, she wants me to have some tests to discover why the anemia. That includes another blood test and I went to Quest to make an appointment for Thursday, the 17th.
I had had a chest x-ray in the emergency room, but Doc wanted another. Thought I'd take a dry run to Rolling Oaks Radiology and found it easily. As long as I was there, I went in to make an appointment. To my surprise, I was asked if I'd like to have it then--well, sure, why not, so I did.
The other test is a colostomy, which I'll schedule tomorrow. In fact, I'll go to "Island View Gastroenterology" (all these places have fanciful names) to make it and find out what I need to do beforehand--ugh! Drove into town for a bit, then to the supermarket for applesauce to have with my luscious pork roast. Went to Target for envelopes and by the time I got home, it was dusk.
I was filling my medication units (and removing the aspirin, which Doc told me to do) when brother Jim called. I was interested to hear that he and Therese are moving out of their facility to a high-rise nearby. Why? Because the place was sold and the fee is going up $300 a month in January, to $7500, plus another c-note a month for having a car. They were displeased by some of the drawbacks, including the lack of a stove, as Therese likes to cook, plus they weren't happy with a few other things. The fact is, although Jim will be 90 in February and Therese is about 87, neither have physical problems that necessitate close care. They're moving to a two-bed, two-bath (they have only one now) apartment in an Arlington high-rise which they think--as I do--will suit them better. They'll be even closer to their daughter and son-in-law than they are now, a big asset.

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