Thursday, December 10, 2015

Buzzin' Around

I continue to buzz around doing this, that, and the other. Called Betty to tell her of the hobgoblin situation and asked her NOT to mention it to the family (Larry's) in Florida, where she's going today. I don't want all the gossipy talk if it concerns me and I'm not there.
Got an e-mail from dear niece, Carolyn, asking if I wanted to go with her tomorrow to an organization in Ventura, which is one of her grant-writing clients. It's an Open House, and I've been to plenty of such things, but of course, was delighted to accept.
I had bought several pounds of chicken thighs the other day (I much prefer dark meat to light, as I think it's more flavorful). Lightly rubbed them with coconut oil, sprinkled with lemon pepper seasoning, and popped them in the refrig. When I got home about 4:00, I put them in the oven. Had two for dinner--so good!--and wrapped the others for the freezer.
Earlier, I sent two old Spotlights to brother, Frank, and one to sister-in-law, Lois; also copied a particular picture for my pal, Pat. Copied some pages from the HSHS Alumni book for other SIL, Regina and sent them off, too.
Before going to the P.O., I decided to scout out the gastrointestinal palace (or whatever it is) where I'm supposed to get my colonoscopy. Finally found it after some blundering around, and went in to see the waiting room jammed, even at 3:00. Talked to the receptionist and was told a "consultation" was required first, and the next open spot just for that was January 5. I have a follow-up with Dr. Jennings on the 6th, so I doubt if that'll fly. Think I'll write out a note for her, explaining the situation and see if putting it off would be a problem. I'm not crazy about the idea of waiting that long for an answer about my blood profile myself.
Measured and took a picture of my bench, which I intend to put on Craigslist. Thinking again of conserving space--without making it look as if I'm trying to conserve space--I experienced a sudden stroke of genius--or possibly, a cockamamie idea--but I'm going to consider it: What if I used my Aunt Claire's mother's antique table for a dining table and sell or donate the one I bought for fifty bucks when I moved here? I would definitely want to protect the surface, maybe by having a glass top made, but I do think it would be feasible. The table would look beautiful in the dining area and it would free up the living room so I could get a sofa. The t.v. could go on the campaign desk, which is now just holding books and a lamp. The more I think of it, the more I like it. I would need to hire somebody, I think, to move the two items out if they don't sell, but I could do that. I'm also thinking I want to replace the big, overstuffed easy chair (where Pat always sat at home in Little Egg) with a new one smaller and more attractive. I'll continue to mull that over.


iloveac said...

Love the idea of glass over the table and using such an heirloom which I'm sure is beautiful.

Maybe your primary can get you in quicker...if the office makes the call, they can often do so.

Mimi said...

That's an idea, Pat, but I sent doc a note about it and we'll see. Feeling MUCH better--goes to show what a little blood will do, I guess.