Monday, December 07, 2015

Eviction Papers and Toenails

Silly me, I stayed up until after ten Saturday night, watching Dateline. I wanted to find out if the guy really murdered the girls, but finally felt I had to sack out. Did and incredibly, slept until 9:00 am! That's just great--no waking up during the night, either. My weekend ordeal seems to have helped an enormous amount.
By the time I had breakfast and finished the paper and crossword puzzle, it was close to noon. Started out for WinCo and found on my door two notices by management, informing me they were fining me $100 for non-payment of rent and warning of eviction.
Was I upset? Nah. I had meant to ask when rent was due and forgot. I would much rather make automatic payments from my bank account, but annoyingly, electricity and gas use is added to the rent and of course, it fluctuates each month, so you can't pay automatically. I'm going to the office as soon as it opens this morning to see what arrangements I can make. You'd better believe I'm going to fight like hell to get the hundred bucks rescinded.
After as shower and hair wash, I went to Winco for a few things, then El came and we got our pedicures at Jessica's Spa and Nails. Oh, our tootsies look so nice--we both got bright, bright red polish for the holiday season. Nobody will see mine, but I don't care, it feels good.

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