Monday, November 30, 2015


Yesterday was a more relaxed one; I sat over coffee and the Ventura County Star (of the same rag genre as the Atlantic City Press), happily finishing the Sunday Newsweek crossword puzzle. Putzed around with this and that, then called Ellen to ask if she could take away the empty containers. Sure thing and she asked if I could spare a small table for her guest room. Yes, indeed, and she came over and got it. She also put some picture hangers up for me, showed me how to work the T.V. and did a few other things, that gem of a gal. When she removed the table from where it was, she suggested I substitute my grandmother's table in the space. I did so, and that area looks better than before. Now I just have to keep up my momentum to clear out and get my peewee place in shape.
Betty called and we talked about our Thanksgivings. She had a good time with the Chicago Six: son, daughter-in-law, three little girls, and Jersey, the lab.

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