Thursday, November 19, 2015

Good One

Joy has come back to my life!
But first, the dark side: My little darlin' computer was still sick in the morning, of course, so I had to make do with her evil twin, the tablet. Barely was able to access my e-mail and bank account; couldn't get into my own FB page at all, OR my friend, Pat's, blog, and soon gave up. If I had persisted for a time, I'm sure it would have remedied itself, but it was so slow, I lost patience. However, I drove to the library and accessed all the sites I wanted.
After, I remembered that my trunk was full of thrift store donations, so while I was downtown, I drove the few blocks to The Coalition to drop them off. While there, I discovered a kind of stroller-type thing that's perfect for when we move some of my smaller possessions to the new place. Bought it for twelve bucks and, along with my shopping cart, it should be a big help.
Advertised my Kitchen Aid mix master on Craig's list. Much as I hated to part with it, I have a hand mixer, and I don't think I'll be making the elaborate cakes and so on I used to. Besides, this is the big model: extremely heavy and takes up a fair amount of room. Three people called about it and I sold it to one who came right over and got it, cash in hand.
RescuTech guy came a bit after 3:00 and was here for two hours. He got my computer back to glorious health and besides that, we had a ball talking together. Turns out he's a pacifist and has a lot of other beliefs in common with me, too. He advised me to uninstall some of the games I have--a lot--as they're taking up a lot of memory. Will do. I thought his fee was reasonable and what's more, he's a terrific conversationalist, so I made out like a bandit.
To top it all off, I slept well last night--yay!


iloveac said...

Such good news on many fronts Rosemary. Selling that mixer so quickly is impressive. I've never used Craig's on any other lists so I am somewhat in awe of you. Glad the 'puter is once again in good health.

Mimi said...

Thanks, Pat. As for selling on Craig's List, I've had good luck with it some of the time, but not always. Sold a lot of things I had in Jersey and made about three thou. As for the mixer, I got such quick responses, I probably could have asked more, but that's okay. The idea was to get rid of it and make a few bucks at the same time.