Saturday, November 07, 2015


Went to the doctor today, at a group called Primary Medical--very smoothly run with about six docs, I think. Each has his or her own receptionist, so it was efficient to fill out the papers and so on. Didn't wait too long to go in. I liked the doctor a lot. I think she's in her early forties, dark hair, pleasant manner: brisk and businesslike, but warm and unhurried. I told her about my knee and my balance problem and she had me do some exercises (place one foot in front of the other and walk a few feet; touch her moving finger, then my nose as rapidly as possible, and so on). She gave me an Rx for therapy and some other script I haven't looked at yet. Blood pressure, pulse, heart beat, and lungs good. Ordered blood work. Had the nurse give me a flu and a pneumonia booster shot. I was pleased that she asked what I did before I retired and when she was leaving the room, smiled and said, "Welcome to our practice," so she was connecting as another human. Interestingly, her first name is Dana, same as my niece's husband.
After I went home and changed, I decided to take a dry run to the Maritime Museum in Oxnard, where I'm meeting the guy who's going to look at my ship on Sunday. I got lost for a time and I'm not sure if I was actualy near it or not, but found my way back. Called Ellen to see if she might be free then, and maybe.
Otherwise, I went through boxes of priceless relics and threw about three-quarters away. These included yet more letters to Pat (not our letters to each other), various HSHS artifacts and so on. It gets easier the more I do it.

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