Tuesday, November 24, 2015

In the New Place

Barely functioning, but I'm in and I'm determined to rid myself of lots more stuff! That isn't even a choice, as there is so little room for anything. The items with which I couldn't bear to part for so long are getting the heave-ho starting today.
After the movers had come and gone, and Time Warner guy had hooked up the electronics, I couldn't find my keyboard. Frantic, I called the movers and was told one had put it in a shallow container that fit under the bed. Problem was, I could lift the frame and at the same time, slide the thing out. Had to call my ace in the hole, still at school, and she cheerfully said she's be here as soon as she was finished preparing for the next day. In the meantime, I managed to empty and put away the contents from a lot of boxes.
When El got here, she got the container out; keyboard wasn't in there, but we opened a few others and found it. Even better, she took away the boxes, containers, and packing material I had amassed, so that gave me a bit m ore room.
We went to Jasmine Thai for dinner, where El got a call from Greg, who had left work early and was a few doors away at Peet's Coffee. We strolled down there and chatted with him for a few, then El took me to my new home. Am I going to like it here? Was it a good decision to make the move?
The jury's still out...

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