Friday, November 20, 2015


I layered some of my most cherished breakables between pillows and towels and put them in my two "movers" (shopping and other cart). Packed up some kitchen stuff. Spent an inordinate length of time on-line and on the phone changing my address. Considering how often Americans move, I'm amazed it isn't an easier process.
Went to WinCo for oranges and a few other things. Thought I'd stop over at the new apartment to see if I could get in. I could, as the door and wndows were open, I assume because the carpets had been cleaned. I stopped in and--
Ye Gads and Little Fishes! Is this part of Tinytown? The place is about the size of my living and dining room at home combined--the whole place, that is. Considering the kind of money they get, you'd think it was in the middle of Manhattan! The living room may or may not hold my furniture and the bedroom--well, my double bed will fit and my antique bureau, I guess, but that may be all.
I'm actually not sure if I can get all my possessions in the place; I mean that seriously, although I've discarded, donated, and sold an enormous amount, both in Jersey and here. I was horrified to see that the walk-in closet is about half the size of what I have in this apartment. (I won't even contemplate the size of the master closet at my house).
As for storage--why no, there is no additional storage, aside from a rather rough "closet" off the enclosed patio. Guess I'll have to keep my vacuum cleaner in there. In fact, I don't even recall seeing a coat closet--hope I just missed it.
But...but...there are some positives. The big thing is the location: I will no longer have to go up and down stairs every time I walk outside. Also, I was told my assigned parking is closer to where I'll live than the one I have now--that's all to the good. More: the carpets are newly cleaned and look very good. The kitchen is actually a little bigger than my present one and the eating area is directly off it, which is a plus. Remarkably, the bathroom is also larger than what I have here. There is, of course, only one, but still...
So-o-o, I'm going to scale down, even more than I already had. Maybe this is a good thing, in fact. I went from a good-sized house, filled with all kinds of possessions, to a rather modest two-bedroom apartment, also pretty over-filled, and now I'll be down to a minuscule place. Next is a cardboard box under a bridge, I guess.
Oddly, I'm getting happily excited about the move. Maybe I'll like living in a scaled-down way and the bottom line is--I'm still where I want to be.
Got a welcome call from my friend in New Mexico, who received her birthday gifts, and we had such a good talk. I described the new place and we laughed over it--can't wait to show her and everybody else! Talked to El, and she'll be over this morning to help with the move.


iloveac said...

At least you won't have to go from room to room looking for things. I wonder how big a studio is at Parc Colony. I had a studio many years ago and actually got to like it. Get rid of more 'stuff' and live like St Francis....simply. LOL...just had to say that.

Mimi said...

Pat, it's actually not a studio, but a one-bedroom. Still very small, but I guess I'll live. (Note: I'll bet St. Francis hadn't accumulate the crapola I have!)