Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Not So Hot

If I wasn't a lady, I'd say it was a piss-poor day, but I'm a lady, so I won't.
Started off okay at the Brain Gym session at SCAN. I'm still a little puzzled at some of what Joyce, the leader, tells us, but it was all right, I guess.
The session runs from 10:30 to noon and after that, I was hungry, so had lunch before I went to the post office to mail a few things. I also planned to make an appointment for color, gather and get rid of trash, buy oranges and bread for breakfast, get my oil changed, and do wash, as I had been at Carolyn's on Monday, my usual day for such chores.
There was a long line at the P.O. and I decided to come back later. Went home to get wash, piled two sections in the hamper and shopping cart, went over, put them in two washers (the whites with bleach, so shoot me), then went back to the P.O. After a few annoying snafus, I left and went back to transfer the clothes to two dryers.
My home phone still wasn't working, so I called Time Warner. Got advice as to what to do, but couldn't really follow it, so called Ellen and left a message, asking her to come over after work.
I was about to get my clothes when Mr. K. called on Skype in order to show me some important items, such as a blue kitty almost as big as he was, several interesting trains, and dishes and pots in which he can cook dinner. I was delighted to hear him say "hi, Nana" and when he was signing off, not only "'bye," but "see you."
So I was a few minutes--maybe five--late getting my clothes out of the dryers and found that someone had removed the load and put it on top where they could get nice and wrinkled. I was mystified to see that the whites were still drying and had 30 minutes to go. When I went back in a half hour, a fellow tenant informed me I had put the quarters in the top dryer, which was on when she walked in, but my wet clothes were in the bottom. AAGH! She was nice enough to add quarters--I didn't have any with me at that point and she waved away my offer to get them and repay them. Anyway, all this stuff was enough to upset me. Damn, I'd take a cardboard box under a bridge if I could have my own washer and dryer. In addition, I never did deal with the hair, the car, OR the oranges and bread for breakfast.
On the plus side, El came over, talked to Time Warner, and got my phone working. Also, I'm free today, so I can make another try at getting hair colored, car oiled, and breakfast items bought.

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