Monday, November 16, 2015

Continuing On

Oh, boy, was I exhausted at the end of the day! I spent virtually all of it in opening boxes and containers, going through them, separating out things for the thrift store, and discarding an enormous amount. Undoubtedly, I continued my bad habits by retaining more than I should have, but at least, it's being whittled down. I do have some momentum going and feel good about what I've accomplished so far.
Got an e-mail from Nancy P., asking if I wanted to go to one of the bus tours she had suggested. She also asked if I'd show her some of the playbills from productions I've been in. Will do eventually, but in the meantime, I sent her a picture of me as Aunt Juliana in Hedda Gabler and one of the full cast.
Ellen came over about 4:00 and hauled a lot of trash to the disposal place, then put two huge containers with thrift store donations in my trunk. What a relief to have those things out of here, but some I'm wistful about losing. That includes wall sconces from Westminster Choir College, which I was given about twenty years ago. They had graced the walls there when the place was opened in nineteen twenty-something and I always meant to put them up in my house, but never did. Hate to see them go, but since they had languished in the basement in Ewing and garage in Little Egg, maybe it was time.
El and I went to The Avenue, a neat bigger-sizes shop, where she got jeans and some nice tops. I had been sent a welcome-to-the-neighborhood gift card for fifteen dollars by Presto Pasta, so we went there for dinner. It was actually pretty good and cost a total for both of only four bucks and change.
My television starting acting up; Ellen looked at it, but couldn't remedy the problem. No doubt I pressed the wrong buttons and I'll call Time Warner today. I'm not that concerned, as I can see this and that on YouTube, anyway, which I did for an hour last night.

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