Sunday, November 22, 2015

El to the Rescue

I thought Satur- would be an okay day, but I was barely out of bed when I changed my mind: computer seemed to be down. I rebooted and so on, but that didn't seem to work. Considering how cranky the tablet gets, I was beside myself. However, I had breakfast, read the paper, and straightened up, then went over to the Colony Parc office for last minute financial stuff. Chastity (yes, that's her name) took me over to Tinytown for for a walk-through. Aside from the general overall smallness, I noted some other negatives--for one, the refrigerator opens the wrong way, but I hope that can be altered. I was pleased to see the lay out in the kitchen is much more efficient: Cabinets are more accessible and there's more counter space.
Ellen came over about 11:00 and was I glad to see her. She did this and that and like magic, my computer was operational. I had loaded up the shopping cart and other wheeled thing and we took some stuff over. However, I had a slew of boxes, containers, bags, and stuff, some of which I hadn't even looked at since I got here, and I was frantic that they'd fill the place. What to do? All I could think of was to rent a storage space and a van, and put the stuff there. Ellen, however, said she had room in her garage and we would get a U-Haul to transport it.
And that's what we did. It took all day, of course, what with the back and forth and filling the truck. El did virtually all the heavy work--I've lost a lot of the stamina I used to have--then drove to her place and unloaded. We took the vehicle back, she want home, and I'm thrilled and overjoyed that the place is so much less cluttered.
Today, she'll be back and we'll pack up more in preparation for the moving people, who come on tomorrow.


iloveac said...

Your daughters are wonderful. When you get rid of the 'stuff' you no longer want....everything will look bigger.
What did you ever do with those large AC photos you had on your wall in Little Egg?

Mimi said...

I still have them, Pat, and they're still packed in the heavy cardboard the first movers put them in. I hope to put them up in the new place.