Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving Day

We had a pleasant Thanksgiving, quiet and low-key. El came over early and loaded up her car with my empty boxes and mine with thrift store donations. We then went to her place and watched "Big Eyes," an absorbing story of a pop culture art story. Greg came home early and we left for Santa Barbara.
Got to Greg's mother's about 4:30 and as our reservation for dinner wasn't until 7:30, played gin rummy for a few hours. As she's done before, Rory, 84, roundly beat the rest of us.
Got to Harry's at the appointed time of 7:30 and were seated immediately. It was very crowded--I hadn't realized so many people go out for dinner on Thanksgiving--but we were comfortable. We all had the traditional--I asked for dark meat--with the usual trimmings, and it was pretty good, if not exactly home style. By the time we left, it was chilly,maybe 60 or so.
Went back to Rory's while Greg tried to get in touch with his son. He wasn't able and we said good night to Rory and took off. However, Ellen had driven just a few yards when she got a flat tire. She had to call AAA and we went back to Rory's to wait. In the meantime, Greg's son and his mother arrived and we made small talk until the repair person got there.
Tire replaced with a temporary "doughnut," El had to drive under 50 on the Freeway, but we got home to Ventura safe and sound.
Unfortunately, when I got up this morning, I found my desktop is dead again. I'm typing this on the tablet, which is very awkward. Not sure how to handle this.
Later: Luckily, El called from the tire place and walked me through reviving the machine. There's no point in going through the whys and wherefores, so I won't; I'm just glad it's up and running again.
Startling Note: For the first time since I got to California, I turned the heat on this morning.

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