Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Pretty stressful. Time Warner guy came yesterday (Tuesday) and fixed my t.v., but looked at computer and said it looked like a virus and he doesn't do that, it's a computer issue. He did get me back on Wi-Fi; for some reason, the tablet wasn't hooked up to it, although it had been a few months ago. Called a tech place and somebody's coming to look at the computer this afternoon. All this is complicated by the fact that SoCalEdison is turning off the electricity from 9:30 to 1:30 today. Oh, well, I'm at the library now and later, will gather up wash and to to the Laundromat with it.
Went to Kohl's and got birthday gifts for my friend and my granddaughter-in-law, whose birthdays are both on this Monday. Rushed home to wrap and went to post office to send. I know I was engaged in some other errands yesterday, but can't think what they were.
Got a call from Newfriendnancy and the more I talk to her, the more I like her. We decided to go to the Santa Paula Theatre for a matinee in a few weeks. It turns out she has what she calls "a tiny, tiny place," her son't former garage, which was renovated into an apartment for her. Told her I'd like to see it--it's hard to believe it'll be tinier than the place I'm going to. Our mutual Othernewfriendjoyce is due to have her knee replacement today; think I'll see if she's in the Community Hospital nearby and will send her a card.
Speaking of which: I still have plenty to do to pack up and I'm getting a little nervous about it. Also, my trunk is filled with donations for the thrift store, which I haven't dropped off yet. Must do, so I can put more in. I still know I'm going to be taking too damn much with me.
Slept very poorly last night; just stress, I guess, and what a mess, I must confess--uh, can't think of anything else.

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