Sunday, November 29, 2015


Boy, did I work my little boodie off yesterday. I was able to empty more than ten large boxes and containers, toss some stuff, put some away, and prepare some for the thrift store. I had e-mailed my niece, Carolyn, to see if she wanted the hope chest and yes, she does. She'll have to arrange to get it, which won't be easy. Said she'd see if she and husband, Dana, and/or son, Finn, can handle it, possibly today. If not, she mentioned Wednesday, in which case, I'll see if I can pay two guys on the maintenance staff to get it to the car. I had listed it on Craig's List, but took it off.
I worked until after 4:00, then went to the supermarket to stock up on provisions. I'm really making progress and that's all to the good.


iloveac said...

Better than Craig's list for this one. Now, it's still in the family....and you can visit it when you miss it.

Mimi said...

Right, Pat and I feel good about that.