Sunday, November 01, 2015

Car Bad, Shrimp Good

Darn it all! I went to the library and backed into a metal post and dented my lower fender. It's badly scratched, too, of course, and AAGH!!! However, what if I had hit a person? A child, even? I would gladly have traded that for totaling my car, so I simmered down and will see what can be done.
Anyway, it was a red-letter day because I heard from ALL of my children; it's unusual that they all get in touch on the same day. Wait a minute--little K. Skyped me on Friday. All right, I heard from all my children over two days. El texted me and I laboriously texted her back. Then she called and we decided we'd go to a festival at the museum today. If we find it too crowded or it's not interesting, we'll go elsewhere.
Called my friend and we had a long talk. She and her husband are leaving tomorrow for Arizona, where they'll stay at several different camp grounds. It seems so wonderful that they had decided to do this--he retire, she quit her job, sell their house, buy an RV, move to New Mexico--and they did. My friend expressed surprise that they're still busy, even though neither are working. I feel the same way--I have plenty to do, although I don't have the obligations I did or the everyday care of a house anymore.
Mike Skyped me in the evening and I loved hearing from Vivian and Violet about the Halloween party they went to, and all their other little-girl news. Talked to Betty--she bought a car--and to brother, Frank. He said maybe he and Marybeth would be able to drive down once I get my new place and a sofa bed--hope so.
Bought bubble wrap to send my cousin, Sally, her mother's album. I know I have a lot of packing stuff left from my move, but can't find it. Oh, well, I'm sure I'll be using it soon. Took the album to the post office, then drove up in the hills. I still marvel at the beauty of the ocean and the mountains hereabouts.
Bought a pound or so of fresh shrimp and stir-fried it in just a bit of coconut oil. With wedges of fresh lemon and cocktail sauce, I had only that for dinner. Boy, it was good. I resolved never to buy frozen shrimp again, this was so delicious.

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