Saturday, October 31, 2015

Memorabilia and Pumpernickel

I'm finally getting serious about hauling myself out from under the memorabilia mountain I've erected for so many years. Spent the morning going through the things that were in the bench Uncle Frank made. Discarded some--reluctantly--and consolidated others. Came across my Aunt Marie's close to hundred-year-old photo album and called my cousin, Sally (her only child and she was adopted) to see if she wanted it. She did and I'll send it today. We had a good talk, also--Sally is two years older than I am and two weeks younger than my brother, Frank.
Sally has had her troubles: Her husband can't talk intelligibly or walk well after a major stroke and her son has a terminal disease. However, she's buoyant, although she had to stop running marathons when she turned eighty. I then called brother Frank. He wasn't in, but I talked to Marybeth, who has full-time aides now. Her memory problems didn't seem evident when we spoke, but I know her dementia is worsening all the time. We also had a nice chat--she never lost her brogue, although she left Ireland in her twenties. She said she'd have Frank call me, but he didn't. No matter; I'll call him tomorrow.
Finally was able to connect with the Tokyo branch, starring precious big boy, Mr. K., who called and said "hello." We had been having a problem with Skype, for some reason, but this time, it worked.
Went to Happy Hour at Cypress Place a bit after 4:00. I was sorry I was a little late, as part of the festivities was a birthday party for one of the residents, who turned 100, and I missed it. However, I managed to have two glasses of (mediocre) champagne (warm and in plastic glasses, a crime against nature, if you ask me) and a piece of cake.
There was a western band, the members of which sang old Hank Williams and other country song--come to think of it, they were kind of mediocre, too, or it's just that I don't like country music. Talked to my friend, Marion, who is leaving for Alabama on Sunday to visit her daughter, then going to Texas to visit her son.
Stopped at the supermarket on the way home for supplies and eureka>!--I found pumpernickel! I've never seen it anywhere else here, not even in bakeries. Forgot to get it sliced, I was so bedazzled, but I can do that myself.
Today, I intend to continue with the clearing-out chore--unless, of course, Ellen calls to suggest something; that always take precedence with me.

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