Thursday, October 15, 2015

Senior Center and Seaweed

I admit I'm easily bored and like to search out new and different activities. Naturally, what I enjoy and what others do often varies.
Yesterday, I went to the Ventura Senior Center for the low-cost lunch. I've been meaning to stop in there again (I did when I first moved here, but saw little of interest). This time, I was greeted by a sweet lady at the desk who explained--in ponderous detail--that I was welcome, details about the Senior Center, and please fill out this form. If I was over 60 (oh, just a bit), the suggested donation was two dollars, but I gave five instead and went to the lunchroom.
It wasn't crowded; there were only five tables with 4 or 5 people seated at each. I was a bit surprised to see four men, surely in their twenties, who were eating, too, and later, asked the director about it. I was told that when people come in, they can't turn them away, I guess because it's tax-supported. I assured the director I wasn't criticizing, just curious. Saw a table with two men,one black, one Asian, and a white woman (do they set things up this way for racial balance?), and asked if I could sit there. Absolutely! This from the woman, who immediately identified herself as "Kay," a volunteer who also has a little sewing class there. She sews, knits, and quilts and, for all I know, looms and tats. She was born in Colorado, but has lived in Ventura for 58 years, birthday in December, husband died ten years ago, twosonsgranddaughterandonandonandon...zzzz.
Funny contrast between this and my dining companions at Cypress Place, but I enjoyed both--somebody like Marion for the long term and a Kay person for comic relief. There were several servers, young woman, maybe from the college or culinary school. The food was pretty good consisting of salad, a kind of vegetable lasagna, mashed yams, string beans, iced tea, and pudding with a canned pear in it (seems an odd combination). One of the servers then came around and gave a cupcake to each patron. They had little Halloween rings on top, which made quite a hit with Kay.
Kay also regaled me with the fact that she talks to HIM every morning and he answers her, at one point advising her that her body was not hers, but his. At first, I thought she meant her boyfriend and hey, she seemed to veer into the kinky...
But of course, that's not what she meant.
Anyhoo, I stayed long enough to eat, declined staying for Bingo (called by Kay) or the movie (War of the Worlds, 1953), and strolled out, followed by Kay and her verbiage. Finally extracted myself and drove to the library--happily, open at long last, as the weather has cooled considerably.
Finally got around to contacting a medical group and made an appointment for November 6th. I chose a female doctor who graduated from U. of Pittsburgh. Didn't find any convictions for m alpractice, so I guess she's okay. I don't know if they need or want my records, but I'll bring them if I can find them.
I was delighted to get a call from Ellen after school, saying she and Greg wanted to know if I'd like to go to dinner. But of course, and she mentioned a Japanese restaurant. They picked me up at 6:00 and we went to Kobe Sushi, a tiny place staffed with real Japanese people from Japan. I told the server, a lovely woman, that my son lived in Tokyo, and she smiled hearing it. Had salmon sushi and California roll, so delicious; it's been long time since I've had Japanese food. Ellen had dressed seaweed as an appetizer; I had a taste of hers and liked it a lot; will order next time.
After, we went to Peet's and sat outside with coffee. As it was after 8:00 when I got in, I tried televising, but unsuccessfully--there just wasn't anything of interest to me. But no prob; I soon retired with my newly-borrowed book, a bio of Mrs. Astor.

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