Friday, October 23, 2015

Wheels Go 'Round...

Had a kind of a spinning my wheels day. I got in touch will several moving companies* and chose one, who will move the big stuff on November 23. Then I looked around to see what I might offer a consignment shop; decided on my big ceramic turkey, my mother's china, a large picture of birds, and my great-aunt's tableware (silver plate, not sterling). Looked up consignment shops and drove to one in town. Chatted with the proprietor, a very nice woman who reminded me of Baby Jane, considering her bouncing blonde curls and red lipstick, but so what? She liked herself that way and so did I. I showed her picture so what I have and she asked me to bring them in.
Went home, had lunch, then put the stuff in my car and drove back. She looked carefully at each, but unfortunately, the turkey has a crack in it, the silver had only 11 spoons, and the picture was faded. As for the china, she suggested I take it to an antique shop. Maybe, but would they want it? I understand old china is a drug on the market, considering it can't go in the dishwasher. The alternatives are 1. to go the the "swap meet" at the college that they hold every weekend or 2. to simply donate to the thrift shop or 3. a combination thereof.
Had a nice talk with Ellen and she volunteered to come over on Saturday with containers and so on. Hope we can maybe go to dinner or something after that.
Other than that, really wasn't up for doing much yesterday.
*The one I chose charges a certain amount per hour, of course, but my policy is "everything's negotiable" and I suggested a lesser amount. After consulting his boss, I guess, the guy called me back and darned if he didn't agree to it. Got a kick out of that.

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