Sunday, October 18, 2015

Ma Duncan and Me

Low-key day. I slept late, until after 8:00, and didn't get dressed for another hour. Paid some bills and did household chores. Wrote, then honed my reply to the apartment person's e-mail and will probably send today.
After lunch, I drove to the library in town for a particular reason: To borrow a book about a grisly local murder. El and I learned about it during the ghost tour on Friday night. We were taken into the courtroom and told about the notorious "Ma Duncan," one of the last women to be executed in California (1962). She was convicted of hiring two men to kill her daughter-in-law, as she was obsessively devoted to her son, Frank. The family lived in Santa Barbara, but the DIL's body was found in Ventura County, so the trial was held there. What seems remarkable to me is that the son, Frank Duncan, was and still is, a practicing attorney in L.A. Criminal law.
I looked up info on the case and, it seems, the ghost docent we heard got the story a bit confused, but the essential facts were there. There's a book about it that I want to read, but when I looked it up, I found that Ventura Library doesn't have it. (Geez--the trial was a half-block away!). I was told Ojai Library had had it, but can't find it; "it's missing." The Ventura Museum has it, I guess on display, but they don't lend books out. I told the clerk that the library should buy it, for Pete's sake, it's local history, grisly as it is, and she suggested I see the librarian on Monday and mention that, which I will.
Not much else going on. The heat has broken, I'm happy to say, and it's very comfortable.

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