Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Yesterday was definitely NTTG--Nose To The Grindstone. I thought I'd sleep later, as I didn't get to bed until the witching hour. (Okay, okay, for me that's 11:00, not midnight.) Didn't, though, and got up at 7:30.
I've more or less designated Monday as wash day, so I stripped the bed, gathered up towels, piled them on my expandable net "hamper," and took them off to the laundry room. As ever, this was an annoying chore: trundle them over there, remembering to bring detergent and quarters; get home and set timer for 31 minutes; go back and put in dryer, remembering to bring a laundry sheet and more quarters; go back in 48 and extract, fold, and trundle back. The only bright spot is, it's good exercise and I'm consciously aware of that.
During one of those waiting intervals, I put fresh sheets on, then got in touch with Panasonic to ask how to change the message on the machine. Wouldn't you know, if the phone's more than two or so years old, you have to pay for the advice! Naturally, I wouldn't dream of it, so I tried putting "change message on Panasonic phone" in the search engine and got some advice. Unfortunately, none of it seemed to apply to this particular model.
Discovered Target sells Panasonic, put the phone in my purse and gathered up the v-tech phone to take back to Wal-Mart. Darn, I'm pretty conscientious about keeping receipts, but I couldn't find that one. No prob, though, they gave me a store credit and I had a few things to get, anyway.
I also wanted to get a new double-brush type head for my Oral B toothbrush and stopped at Bed, Bath & Beyond. To my annoyance, although they sell Oral B, they didn't have one that fit. Stopped at Ralph's Supermarket, also, to get Ellen some of the whateveritscalled that worked so well in my dishwasher. Didn't find it and I'll have to go elsewhere.
Made a few more stops and by the time I got home, it was after 4:00. Found Oral B on line, called, was put through immediately, placed my order, and I'll get the brush heads in a few days (and for much less than I expected to pay).
Very disappointed that I had a terrible time sleeping last night. I got up several times and finally fell back at--I'm not sure, but I know once when I looked at the clock, it was 3:00. Didn't get up until 9:30, which is okay, but I really don't like sleeping late.
Lunch today with Yvonne at Cypress Place Senior Living.

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