Monday, October 26, 2015

Ivy Lawn

I'm on a roll again! I attended a talk on Ivy Lawn Memorial Cemetery in town. Almost turned back, as it was difficult finding a place to park, but I finally did. Greatly enjoyed the author's talk (with slides) about this historic site. The kicker was, her book was free and she would sign it, if you wanted to stay, but I didn't. Interestingly, several semi-famous or quasi-well known people are buried there, including the founder (female) of AARP and a number of early statesman and other notables. I've always had a great interest in cemeteries and although this isn't on a par with the very early ones I've seen in Savannah, Trenton, and other parts (it was established in the 1880s), it was an interesting excursion.
Drove up in the hills after, enjoying the gorgeous scenery. When I got home, I saw that my dear friend, Marge, had posted on Facebook and I immediately called her. We had a wonderful chat, catching up. I found she had a new computer, so decided to post on FB again, and I'm glad. Poor Marge suffers from dreadful allergies and was hacking and coughing a lot. Anyway, it was so good to talk to my dear sister-in-spirit.
I had sent Marion an e-mail after our lunch, and suggesting other excursions, but so far, haven't heard back from her. That's the trouble with e-mail: You don't know if the person doesn't check his or her messages (it's surprising how many people I know don't, so what's the point of having e-mail?), if you have the wrong address, or if you're just being ignored. I'll call her today or tomorrow and find out.


iloveac said...

I wondered why I wasn't hearing back from some emails and I learned some folks don't check their email accounts......they communicate mostly via texting. Well, I don't text and have refused to learn, but I guess I too, will have to get a smart phone and learn to text.
I'm still holding off. Am even considering dropping my landline and only using a cell.

Mimi said...

You radical, you! I'm with you with the texting thing. My phone does do it, but I find it very laborious and limited--probably unjustly. With some of my friends, though, it's that they don't go on the computer to check their e-mail or anything else, except very occasionally. That's what I find annoying because the sender doesn't know what's up. As for only a cell, I think most of my family and friends have gone that way. I might eventually, but I'm not happy with my dumb phone (cell), so will keep the landline until--or if--I get a better one.