Saturday, October 10, 2015

Root Veggies and the BBB

I love roasted root vegetables and had bought red potatoes, yams, Brussels sprouts, mushrooms, and green peppers. Yesterday, I washed, pared, and cut them, melted coconut oil, added some seasonings, and mixed it all up. I probably had enough for ten people, at least--OH!
Just now, I realized I had forgotten the onions--darn! I had everything else in the refrig, I guess, so didn't remember I have two big onions on the counter. Oh, well, maybe I'll do them separately, then mix them in. I also had a little rock Cornish hen and I put that in the small crock pot along with broth. I had some of both veggies and chicken for dinner--delicious, if I say it myself. Good thing I was able to treat myself to something good, as I had something bad, too--the Better Business Bureau.
A recap: I had filed a complaint against my moving company because they tacked on a charge (over two hundred bucks) when I was just about to get my possessions delivered. This was in August. On Tuesday, when I was at the courthouse, I got a long voice mail message from BBB in Florida. I was so distracted I could barely make out what the person was saying, but I got the number. Called it on Wednesday, and didn't get a return call. Called again yesterday and finally got some freakin' idiot who asked why I had filed in Florida. I didn't file in Florida, I filed in Jersey.--.
Well, there's just no point at all in elaborating on this. I'll just record that I talked to BBB people in Florida, New Jersey, and Chicago. Why Chicago? Because, as in my case, when someone files in one state, but relocates to another, it goes to Chicago. Several long and pointless phone calls resulted in--I think, but I'm not at all sure--somebody telling me she'd look into it.
What gets me is the recording at one of the BBB locations mentions that So and So Heating and Air Conditioning "is a sponsor of this service." What if somebody has a complaint against So and So H. and A.C.? Do I think the BBB is pure? Sure.
About as pure as the post office.

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