Friday, October 02, 2015

Cypress Place

Saw some other apartment possibilities, including Ventura Terrace, which was fair. Almost all the places I've seen have something or other better than, or addition to, the usual. In this case, it was a small, fenced in backyard. This was with a bungalow-style complex--nice, but it was close to a major road, so I dunno.
Of more interest to me, I also kind of accidentally found Cypress Place Senior Living. Thought I might as well take advantage of being there, so walked in and was given a tour.
I actually like this quite a bit and--for me a plus--it's back from Victoria Road, a major street and near to shopping, restaurants, and so on. Bonaventure, where I took my acting pitch, is way out of town--gorgeous scenery, but I don't want to be that isolated.
At Cypress Place, a very pleasant and friendly, but at the same time, knowledgeable and businesslike, woman named Yvonne took me on the tour. It's two or three stories, but there is, of course, an elevator. Some of the apartments have balconies, others overlook a lovely atrium, and the models were very attractive. Of course, it includes the usual: meals, utilities, a gym, and so on. I've now been in a number of "senior living" facilities in two states and they're essentially exactly the same, but so what?
One of few negatives of Cypress Place is that it's significantly more expensive than Bonaventure. Of course, it includes the usual: meals, utilities, and so on, but I'm not at all sure I could swing it. However, I'm not rejecting it. Yvonne invited me to a meal--this is standard for possible residents--and I said I'd call her next week some time to arrange it.
I guess what worries me most is the idea of living among old people. That sounds stupid, I guess, but some will understand what I mean.
Took a dry run out to the house where the "Living in the Moment" facilitator lives. Wowee. It's a huge house right at the beach in Ventura, California, and if it isn't worth two mil, I'll eat my sandals. Guess I'll attend the session next Thursday, but I'm more looking forward to the Widow group at Yolanda's on Monday.

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