Sunday, October 11, 2015

Veggies and Soap

I cut up and oiled the big onion and added it to my (not yet cooked) veggies. Since I had another whole bowl in the fridge to heat up later, I divided the goodies into four zip-lock bags and put them in the freezer. Now I have a nice supply to pull out, cook, and eat for fall dinners.
Only problem is--you would never know it's fall here. It was 95 degrees today, following several other days in the nineties. Seems odd and weird to see autumn and Halloween decorations up all around. I hope it cools off soon.
I took a drive to the Senior Center, which is about fifteen miles away. Didn't realize they're not open on Saturdays, although somebody was there and I chatted with him. This is up in what could be called "Old Town," I guess, one main street, with storefronts and so on along it, and modest homes on side streets. It's pleasant enough, I guess, but I would never, in a million years, live there. Why? Because looming over the little town, practically pushing up to backyards on one entire side, is a huge mountain of what I believe is mostly soil. I suppose it's a foothill and it's quite impressive, even beautiful, but when the rains come, it's going to slide until it covers the houses and cars and trees and people and nothing on earth will be able to stop it.
Finally, at long last, I had a delightful SKYPE call from Singapore. Vivian and Violet both showed up with vampire teeth--very funny. Mike showed me around their three-story apartment, which is very spacious with not only a lot of rooms--I think ten or more--but the rooms themselves are large. A spiral staircase of wood and scrolled metal leads up to Mike's office on the third level--neat. I was informed that Mike and the girls are going to Australia for nine days shortly--they're off school for some reason and Mike has business there (he works for an Australian mining firm).
I'm almost afraid to record it for fear of a jinx, but I've been sleeping fine for days now. I credit that to the bar of soap I put in my bed. Contemplate that for a while...

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