Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Lunch at Cypress Place

An enjoyable day. I met Yvonne at Cypress Place Senior Living at noon and we went off to the dining room. Yvonne mentioned that there was a resident she'd like me to meet, a woman who was into play-writing and so on. Shortly, the woman--Marion--came in and we were introduced.
I liked her right away, and even more when she said she had taught (English and drama) at a Quaker school. When I asked if she followed that persuasion, yes again, so I asked the jackpot question: "Are you a pacifist?" Bingo.
What a pleasure to meet someone who actually understands what that means! And, as the conversation proceeded, I found she knows where Toms River is, as she's originally from upstate New York and used to vacation there. More recently, she lived in Arizona and she runs a little drama club for the other residents (gratis, of course). She had been an eighth grade teacher and staged annual productions--well-known, full length musicals that had been hits on Broadway, for Pete's sake! Yoicks, was I impressed! I know how much work it is to stage even a drama--and a musical? Whew! Anyway, we had a great time talking.
We were joined by a male resident; I'm ashamed to say I first thought his name was Earl, then Herb, then Irving--?? (My kids keep nagging me to get a hearing aid; dunno why.) Anyway, he's lived there for four years, widower, I'd say eighty-something. He was in the military, then left to become a scientist--can't recall what discipline, but he was a good conversationalist. His son is an historian and Earl/Herb/Irving is also deep into history; does a weekly presentation on various eras for residents. He and I--with Yvonne and Marion joining in--had a lively discussion about the Romanovs. I introduced the topic of the Dionne Quintuplet (they were not only as a biological rarity, but interesting in a socioeconomic sense), and E/H/I said he'd like me to address his history group sometime. Said I'd like to, although that will take a lot of preparation.
Food was good, service excellent, and of course, it was absorbing and stimulating to talk back and forth with these intelligent, accomplished people over a leisurely lunch. When we got up to leave, I asked Marion if I could call her sometime and she said, yes, she'd like that so much, so I definitively will.
I went back to Yvonne's office to get some of the financial info about living there? Could I afford it? I think so, especially as everything is covered aside from cable. But--do I want to? Or more to the point, do I want to once I vacate this apartment? That's a much knottier question and I'm no closer to an answer than I was before. I didn't want to string Yvonne along, so I told her the truth: I'm not sure at this point, but if I do decide to move in, it would probably not be very soon.
Went home after to change, then drove into town to the library. Damn, it was again closed due to the godawful heat. On the way back, I drove a bit up in the foothills (not the highest ones, of course),just marveling at their beauty. Drove down to the Saticoy Library, which was open, and I was pleased to see little children there.
WinCo after for this and that, then home. Good, good day.

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