Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Park and Bekins

Did my Monday chores: washed, dried, changed linens, tidied up, and so on. Cut up a lot of broccoli, onions, garlic, added seasonings, and put it in the slow cooker. All that took until 1:00 or so and I decided to take lunch and eat it at the beautiful park with the ocean view. I had the ingredients for a Cobb salad, so I made that, then filled an empty cottage cheese container with ice and iced tea, and went off.
This isn't a fancy park by any means. Although it's in a good neighborhood, it's really simply a sloping city-block worth of grass with a few trees and just three benches. The real draw is the gorgeous view.
Only one of the benches is under a tree and, as ever, it was very hot--plus, by the time I got there, the sun had moved and the bench was no longer in the shade. I sat anyway, as I had my straw hat, and enjoyed my lunch while gazing at the majestic scene of palm trees, then the shining Pacific, with the Channel Islands just rising out of a faraway mist.
I left after a time and drove into old Ventura--not fancy old Ventura, but modest old Ventura. I then drove to my favorite thrift store at the other end of town and dropped off a lot of wonderful things I may regret donating. But there's so much more I want to get rid of and I will.
Stopped for oranges and had a nicely balanced dinner of the broccoli and green grapes and enjoyed it. I looked up Target on-line and saw that they have plenty of folding beach chairs, some at modest prices, so I'll stop there tomorrow and get one for the park.
NOTE: I finally got what I guess is the final answer from Bekins, which took more than two months. The first part is a self-righteous justification for the charges, with an involved explanation of their right to charge any damn thing they want, even though the error was on their part. This sanctimonious bullshit followed:

Please accept my apologies that you were not advised of the charges prior to the day of delivery. I also wish to apologize for the actions of the representative that spoke with you on the day of delivery. The circumstances you describe are clearly at variance with Bekins Van lines' quality performance standards.
Ms. Molloy, I hope this helps you to understand why the additional charges were necessary.


Kathy Kendall
Director, Claims & Consumer Affairs
Wheaton World Wide Moving I Bekins Vanlines,INC. I Clark & Reid

("Sincerley?" Guess sloppy Bekins doesn't bother to proofread, either.)

What slays me is that this smarmy company sent me an evaluation sheet shortly after my move and I responded by filling it out honestly, indicating my displeasure; I attached a full-page sheet detailing my complaint. This was in August, two months ago, and they never responded to it at all. No "Please accept my apologies" then, and no self-serving crapola about their "quality performance standards" until they got my complaint through BBB. What bugs me most, maybe, is the canned, cliched language and the not-so-subtle hint that I'm some kind of Neanderthal who needs help to understand their legalized highway robbery. There's no point in pursuing it, of course, so Bekins Sea Cure be damned and the hell with it.

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