Thursday, October 29, 2015

Out and About

Felt pretty chipper yesterday. I was determined not to laze around--that may have caused my insomnia--and packed dishes, throws, and other items in anticipation of my move. Also loaded the four small area rugs I brought with me (not knowing what kind of floor covering I'd have) into my trunk to drop off at a thrift store. Did a few similar tasks.
Decided to take advantage of the "Changes in Medicare" offering at the Ventura Department of Aging, and drove over there. It's very convenient, as so much is where I live; if I move again after the next lease is up in September, I want to stay nearby.
Filled out some info sheets, then met with a nice guy named "Bill," who went over some things. Bottom line for me is that my prescription plan payment will go up very slightly, but all else will probably stay the same. Fine by me and I thanked Bill. Also asked if the place provides free income tax services; it does, but only for "simple" ones. This year, mine will be more complicated because of the rental, so I'll look around for a private accountant.
Got gas and, on impulse, decided to have the car washed. For the first time, I stayed in it (I never had before, either here or in Jersey). Scary! I kept seeing today's headlines in the Ventura County Star: "Woman Crushed When Car Wash Apparatus Goes Through Roof." Well, that didn't happen, but something just as bad did: Shortly after, I drove past a field being watered and some of it splashed my car!
Still on my quest for a beach/lawn chair, I went to Lowe's and a few other places. No luck, but I e-mailed Ellen and she said she probably has one to lend me. (I'm determined to sit in that park with my lunch.)
Found a listing for a "brain gym" class at the SCAN Health and Wellness Center nearby; costs twenty bucks and meets Tuesdays in November. I'll definitely call and sign up.
Did some computer/financial stuff, then made myself salmon burgers and peas for dinner.

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