Sunday, October 25, 2015

Teacher Work and Chinese

Another neat day. Got up unusually early for my present life: 6:15. Just tidied up a bit after breakfast, then Ellen called. She had asked earlier if I would come over to help a bit with a variety of chores. Sure thing and I zipped over there. My trunk was full of the consignment rejects and I wanted to show them to her first. Nope, nope, nope, except for an attractive throw, so off they'll go to the thrift store.
We lunched at Subway, then drove to her classroom and plunged into the teacher-y duties she didn't have time for earlier. She was very appreciative, but the thanks were all on me; I enjoyed it immensely. Lots to do and we didn't finish up until after 5:00.
On the way home, El got a call from Gregg, who would be off from work shortly. He asked if we wanted to go to The Curry Leaf, the Indian restaurant in Camerillo we've visited often. Yes, indeed, and El tried to make a reservation, but the mailbox was full. We decided to go anyway and took off.
Well, darned if it wasn't dark with a closed sign on the door. Didn't say why. After debating for a bit, we decided to try the Chinese restaurant a few doors down. It was very small, but nicely decorated. Food was pretty good, if not spectacular; we more or less shared beef with broccoli, plus chicken soandso, and a string bean dish. I had a beer called "805," which is the area code here--I love to try local beers.
Got home close to 9:00, spectacularly late for me, but even watched T.V. for fifteen before contently curling up in bed. I've been sleeping a lot better, I'm happy to note--hope it lasts.

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