Friday, October 30, 2015

Future Dates

I saw a piece in the paper about a "brain gym" class to "help increase the ability to remember, increase physical coordination, reduce stress, and improve memory." Hey, they're all good things and the sessions take place at the SCAN Health and Wellness Center, a half-mile from me. It runs every Tuesday in November, the fee's only twenty bucks, so I went there and signed up. I intend to submit my "Acting for Everyone" proposal there, also.
In addition, I registered to attend an "end of life questions" talk at the Ventura Adult Continuing Education next week. Topic isn't particularly inviting, but it's interesting and includes a free lunch, always a draw for greedy me. In fact, the first week in November is jammed, as I have my Widow's Support Group lunch on Monday and a doctor's appointment on Friday. Niece Carolyn invited me to come over on Wednesday, too, but I'll have to defer that for a bit.
Talked to El, who said she had a lawn chair to lend me. I hope to see her over the weekend.
I'm looking forward to Happy Hour at Cypress Place today and here's some good news: I slept fine all through the night and just got up at an agreeable 6:45. Wish I could say I did something differently to achieve that, but I can't think of a thing.

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