Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Brain Gym

Went to "Brain Gym" at the Health & Wellness Center; also met the manager and gave him my proposal for Acting for Everyone. Now I'm sorry I didn't emphasize the quasi-health benefits--concentration, increased confidence, and so on--as that's the direction in which most of the courses go. However, if I get to see him, I'll add that.
Brain Gym was fun, if a bit different from what I thought it would be. The director, Joyce, is a physical therapist and very engaging. There are about twenty-five people in the class, including two or three men. (I think that proportion is pretty much the usual in older people groups.) The exercises included a number of what seemed to me new-agey type info: for instance, massaging your "brain center," which is, we were told, between one's collar bones. At the same time, the other hand must rest on the stomach. Similar directions were given and we did those. I'm just not convinced there's research to support the idea that, for instance, your left brain is stimulated by putting your thumb behind your right ear. But hey, who knows and who cares? I enjoyed it, anyway.
It was over at noon and I immediately went home to take my wash to the laundry place. For some reason, I was even more irritated than usual with the chore. However, I got it done and in between, changed my bed and went to the supermarket.
I was pleased to get a message back from Nancy, whom I had met on Monday, saying she'd love to meet for lunch. She also sent a listing of bus trip outings from Ventura, asking if I might be interested in any. Told her I'd look it over and let her know. Didn't yet hear back from Joyce; if I don't by later today, I'll call her.
I got back to niece Carolyn and told her I could come next Monday on the train. Must look up location and times. Talked to Betty and sent (via scan) a picture of her at her real estate agency in Ocean City. Must be forty years old, at least.
BCNN meeting this morning.

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iloveac said...

Love "who knows and who cares I enjoyed it anyway"...that's my sentiment exactly. Wasn't there a philosophy referred to in the 60s...."if it feels good, do it". I like that one too.