Monday, November 09, 2015

Maritime Museum and My Left Leg

I was pretty much dragging yesterday--lack of sleep. Returned Betty's call, then called my friend. She and hubby are still in Arizona and loving it; were leaving for Tuscon shortly. We talked about my piles of heirlooms and artifacts and she said she like to take my mother's china. I was thrilled to hear that and even more thrilled to hear she'll get them at Christmastime because they're going to be here! Happy day and I only wish the Tokyo contingent could come; we haven't all been together since Pat's funeral.
After I talked to those two, got a call from Ellen and, unfortunately, after a lot of back-and-forth, we surmised that there's something wrong with the landline phone. I checked the wires and so on and didn't see anything amiss, so will call Time Warner. Got my tickets for my train trip to Santa Barbara tomorrow when I visit niece Carolyn for the day and used the cell to call her and confirm.
Packed up the sailing ship I had given Pat years ago, as the thread-like "rigging" was cut. I had made an appointment with a model ship maker at the Maritime Museum to look at it and estimate how much it might be to repair it. Ellen agreed to go with me, so I drove over to her place and we went off to Oxnard.
The model builder was an old guy named Bob Little, a case of name matching physique; he's only about my height and maybe half my weight. Bob carefully looked at it and first asked if it was a family heirloom (no, I had bought it at the Lambertville Flea Market), then pronounced it not worth repairing. He said it was one of the ships made for tourist to buy and wasn't worth the one to two hundred bucks it would cost to repair. I had no problem at all with that, was glad to learn it, in fact. I asked if possibly, the museum might want it gratis; he said no, it really wasn't museum quality. No problem with that, either, and I thanked him sincerely. After, he gave us a truncated tour of the museum and we said we'll come back when we had more time to see everything. We stopped at Wal-Mart after and got some stuff, then said goodbye.
I slept pretty well last night, aside from waking from a sudden pain in my left leg--the one with the bad knee. It passed shortly, but it worries me a bit because it had never happened before. I hope it's simply the result of walking as we did around the museum.
Soon, I'll be off to Santa Barbara on the train, which should be fun.

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