Friday, November 06, 2015


A free day, for a change. I have a habit of writing down what I want to accomplish and/or where I want to go. Fairly often, I don't get to cover everything on the list I wanted to, but yesterday, I did. To wit:
1. Gathered up all the recycle stuff--more than a week's worth of newspapers, plus a wine bottle, two jars, and a can, and took it to the enclosure on my way to
2. the library in town to pick up a book I requested, then swung around to
3. California Street, just down Main, to check out Lure Seafood Restaurant, where my new friends, Nancy and Joyce, will meet soon, then
4. continued to the Amtrak Station, as I'm nervous about driving home from Carolyn's in the dark, but it's okay, an almost straight route;
5. next, I went to Kohl's for undies before
6. stopping home for lunch, after which, I mixed the ground beef I had bought Wednesday with eggs and breadcrumbs, formed them into balls and browned them;
7 then fried up onions and garlic, filled a big pot with spaghetti sauce, added the meatballs and o. and g., then let it simmer while I
8. checked out a few things on the computer and revised one of my plays until I figured the meatballs were cooked, so I
9. took them off the stove and let everything cool while I drove to the Farmers' Market (every Thursday at the Kimball Street Park),
10. where I took a knife and sought out my co-widows' group member, Chuck, who sharpens them, plus bought a bunch of beets and a bag of grapes.
Whew! I had quite a sense of accomplishment when I got in the shower (doctor's appointment today), then sat down to play a hidden object game. (I allow myself to play only after 5:00 pm.)
Got a call from a guy named Bob Little, from the Maritime Museum. I had called there to see if they had anyone who could repair the ship I gave Pat years ago; the rigging (actually threads) broke and some of the sales came off. I'll meet with Bob on Sunday to get an estimate on how much it would cost to repair. If an enormous amount, I think I'll just ask if he'd like to have it and give to him free of charge.

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