Wednesday, July 22, 2015


I reluctantly decided not to join Ellen, Gregg, and Vivian on their excursions yesterday, as I had to continue work on the mountain of business (mostly financial) stuff that necessitates so much time and effort.  Got the cashier's check from BOA, took it to Colony Parc, spent hours on the phone with various time-wasters (changes of address, etc.), and otherwise occupied myself with the mundane.
Talked to Betty, although now my $12.95 Tracfon is giving me problems; it may need a new battery--dunno.  Even for this Jersey born-and-bred, it was very hot.  And humid?  I kept having to wipe the perspiration off the phone.
The three got in after a day at the Santa Barbara zoo and someplace else and we all went to Mary's Secret Garden, a vegan restaurant which Gregg often frequents.  Food was so tasty and fresh, although pretty pricey.
Dropped Gregg off, then we three gals went to get new sneaks for Viv and a new Tracfon for me. Not sure if I'll actually switch or not.
El and Viv are off to LA today to visit Knott's Berry Farm.  They'll stay over and return tomorrow.

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