Saturday, July 25, 2015

Pixels and Stuff

I don't go to the movies more than once a year, if that, but yesterday, Ellen, Vivian, and I saw Pixels, my second in less than a week.  It was actually pretty good and I enjoyed it.
Ellen and Greg were going out to dinner together, so we picked up sushi for Viv and me and had that. It's so refreshing to be with a child who's accepting--even adventurous--about food: Viv loves sushi and other goodies some might think are exotic to the point of in-edibleness.
Called to extend my car rental by a week, then I must start looking for one to buy.  I'm renting a bright blue little Hundai and like it a lot; would buy one in a flash, but we'll see.
Later, Viv's mom, Paula, called and we got to see and talk to her on MySpace via Viv's phone. After Ellen and Gregg left for dinner, I tried to help Viv with math problems her Dad had left, but was unable.  I simply either don't remember or never did know some of the terms now in use.
I set the alarm to get up in time to say goodbye to Ellen and Viv, but fell back asleep, so missed them. Today, they're taking a boat to one of the Channel Islands, where they'll explore, snorkel, and go kayaking.  Yes, yes, it sounds like great fun--thank Zeus I didn't have to go!  

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