Thursday, July 30, 2015

All Over Creation

Today, I take possession of my new digs--yay!
As for yesterday, Ellen and I went all over creation--well, all over Ventura--to various thrift stores and other places so I could pull together a few essentials for my apartment.  Lunched Mexican, then jumped into the fray again.  Home, we got some financial stuff done, then I was pleased to see an e-mail from Colony Parc advising me that I could come see the apartment after 3:00.  We zoomed down (up?) there and were taken to my new place.
Funny--I was entirely wrong about the location.  The few times I had driven there earlier to look at the outside, I had thought it partially overlooked a parking area.  That was disappointing, as they aren't very pleasant views.  Happily, I was mistaken. My windows look out over the pool area, a shaded path, and some other nice area.
The apartment itself is pretty nice.  The dining area is anything but spacious, but the living room and bedrooms are adequate.  The two identical baths are fine and the kitchen, though fairly small, is laid out in the "galley"style, very efficient and easy to be in.  Of course, there are all the amenities, including a dishwasher and ice maker.  There are balconies outside the living and guest room and it's bright and cheerful.
All in all, I'm very pleased with my new digs. What I'm not pleased with are the overwhelming--to me, anyway--demands of the financial end.  I just talked to the new insurance guy (for my house) and all the stuff about switching from Allstate has to be run by the mortgage company and so on.  Hope I can put this behind me soon.

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