Sunday, July 19, 2015

Car and All

Note to Pat: I'm about five miles from Ellen, I guess, which is okay because of yesterday, I HAVE A CAR!
Temporarily, that is.  At Ellen's suggestion, I rented one, so I can start learning to get around myself and so I don't feel pressured to buy or lease a permanent one.  It's a Hundai, compact, which is the same size as my Acura, and very easy for me to drive.  While Ellen took Vivian to Target and other stores, I zoomed around myself, trying to find a notary for the letter I sent to Ocean First to close out one of my two accounts there (and deposit at BOA).  However, there seem to be no notaries in the state of California, except for in FedEx, and it closes early on Saturday.
I enjoyed driving around Ventura myself and even stopped into Kohl's and got Vivian three more lip balms in cute containers.  The poor child has only forty-five dollars' worth and for an almost--eleven-year-old, that's deprivation.
Got a call from Colony Parc that I've been approved for the apartment; didn't doubt I would be.  I'm scheduled to move in July 30.
It suddenly started to rain--heavily--in late afternoon. Now they need about two weeks more of steady downpours, I guess.
Made some plans for the coming days and on Wednesday, I get to see my new digs--yay!

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