Saturday, July 18, 2015


I put a deposit on an apartment at Colony Parc!  It's a two-bedroom on the ground floor and I'm happy with it, having reluctantly acquiesced to my children's insistence that I skip the second floor.   Supplied my financial information to the rep and hope to get an approval.
Ellen, Vivian, and I went to Target, then Subway for lunch, then Von's Supermarket and CVS.  At the various stops, Vivian got forty-five dollars worth of lip balm.  The mind reels, but Mike called from Salt Lake City and seemed to shrug it off.
Later, Ellen took Vivian to "High Jump" or whatever it's called, which features trampolines, climb-walls, bouncy things and all kinds of other stuff that perpetual motion Vivian loves.  Gregg was at work and I stayed home with Sebastian; just relaxed, which I was happy to do.
Called Betty and we had a nice chat.  We laughed--ruefully--how much energy the young people (well, forties and fifties) have and how strange it is to no longer be able to keep up.
Ellen made really delicious fra-he-toes (oh, I know that's not the way to spell it, but SpellCheck is baffled,too), which we had for dinner.  Gregg was working, but came in late and made himself an avocado sandwich (he's a health food advocate).  By the time we were finished, it was after 8:00, so I jumped in the shower, then retired to my bood-waa (that's a joke--I know how to spell boudoir!).  


iloveac said...

Just viewed Colony Parc--- looks wonderful. I think you're going to love it. How close are you to Ellen?

Mimi said...

About five miles, Pat, and it's a straightforward route.